Japanese/English teacher

Yoshiko has been teaching English and Japanese since 1980. Not only does she have a talent for explaining the complexities of Japanese in simple terms, she makes learning fun, no matter how difficult the subject seems.

Japanese Teacher
Hiro sensei

Hiro has been teaching Japanese since 1990. Over that time, she has gained a strong sense of the socio-cultural needs of a foreigner living in Japan. With that experience, she’s able to take the lesson beyond what can be learned from a textbook and offer useful insight into how a Japanese person thinks, customs and habits, as well as cultural awareness.

Japanese/English teacher
Sari Sensei

Sari has been teaching English and Japanese since 2000. Using a variety of teaching materials and methods including conversation practice and drills, she creates lessons that provide her students with sample practice in all areas of learning. She not only teaches Japanese to adults, but she teaches children Japanese & English as well.

Japanese Teacher
Chika Sensei

Chika-sensei has an excellent reputation as a teacher with over a decade of experience and is one of IPE Academy’s finest new talents. If time is of the essence, you can progress through lessons at any level, as fast a pace as you like.

Japanese Teacher

Since 1998, Yuko-sensei has been teaching Japanese to children, university students, international students, and trainees in Japan and abroad. She started teaching Japanese at IPE Academy in January 2019. She’s currently in charge of beginner, intermediate, and JLPT classes.

Tiny Tunes Music
Lesley Bartlett

Lesley teaches the Tiny Tunes Music course for kids. She has over 16 years experience teaching English and she’s a super-talented multi-instrumentalist too—like Prince. Her fun personality and musical talent makes her a big hit with the kids.

Art & English
Keely Thompson

She’s from the mysterious land of America and she teaches Art & English for Japanese kids. Keely is a very talented Art & English teacher. Her creativity and energy is an inspiration to her students.