IPE Academy Christmas 2013: Kobutori Jisan

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The lovely teachers and fabulous students of Nagoya’s IPE Academy got together for a huge Christmas party at Shinkiro Restaurant: Nagoya’s only authentic Mongolian cuisine. This video shows how IPE students aren’t just skilled in the ways of the Japanese language, but they’re also master thespians each imbued with an innate acting ability beyond the reach of mere mortals. The story is Kobutori Jisan. An old man lives a quiet life, but he’s hindered by an unsightly lump on his face. After hiding in the trunk of a tree during a heavy rainstorm, the old man sees a group of Oni in a gathering and approaches them to begin to dance. Happily, they grant the man a wish of having his lump removed. But when another finds out about the man’s fortune, he tries to force the same wish for himself and utter madness ensues.