IPE Academy Vocab Test! #11

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IPE Academy Vocab Test

Check back every Wednesday to take IPE Academy’s Vocab Test!  Having an ample vocabulary is key when studying Japanese and it’s even more important if you’re living in Japan! Even everyday words can be challenging. Take our quiz to see how much vocabulary you’ve mastered! This is a fun quiz designed for beginners and intermediate students. Each week we’ll give you a new word to test your knowledge!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+ to get updates on Pop Quizzes, Vocabulary, Kanji, Idioms, Special Offers and more! See how much Japanese your friends and family know, please feel free to “Like” and “Share” this quiz!

  • Question #11

    Chose the best answer:
    Q: ピザまん?
    A) Potato Bun
    B) Seaweed Bun
    C) Pizza Bun

  • Answer

    The answer is: C) Pizza Bun
    Pizza Bun