Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Level Japanese Lessons

At IPE Academy, we offer a full range of Japanese language classes from absolute beginner to advanced.
A sampling of the fine teachers at IPE Academy of Nagoya.

Starter Course

IPE Academy's Starter Course gives the first-time student of Japanese a solid foundations in all four language skills...
  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing
...through 23 comprehensive lessons. This course takes the stress out of the tedious beginning stages of learning a new language. Packed with easy-to-understand grammar explanations, a variety of exercises (complete with illustrations), and scenes taken from everyday life, these lessons will have you enjoying Japanese in no time.

Basic Course 1 (JPLT N5)

The purpose of this course is to help you communicate in daily life situations and learn 100 basic Kanji. This course will also help you prepare for the JPLT N5. By the time you finish this course, you'll not only have a good basic vocabulary but you'll have the grammatical tools to start putting your own sentences together and getting some basic conversation happening.

Basic Course 2 (JPLT N4)

The second part of the basic course is where we start to deeper into grammar while still constantly building up vocabulary. Now we're getting into some really useful sentence forms and verb tenses that will help you get into deeper conversations and express ideas beyond the basics. You'll also learning 300 useful Kanji for help in your daily life, by reading simple articles. This course will help you with the JPLT N4.

Intermediate Course 1 (JPLT N3)

The purpose of this course is to Improve speaking and listening in various situations and learn 500 kanji to expand vocabulary through articles.

Intermediate Course 2 (JLPT N2 )

The purpose is to improve speaking and listening on news level and reading articles with over 1000 kanji.

Advanced Course (JPLT N1)

The purpose of this level is to improve speaking , listening and reading in business situations and learn 2000 kanji. By this time, you'll have a good working knowledge of Japanese and possess considerable daily-language skills. As such, the main focus of these classes is on preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. You'll continue to increase your vocabulary with the focus moving toward learning the kanji required in order to pass the test or to read a Japanese newspaper (which comes in pretty handy in your daily life too). In addition, you will continue to learn more complex grammar and advanced daily expressions. All this and we still manage to make the classes fun!