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IPE Academy, Nagoya’s friendliest language school has been teaching Japanese lessons for around 30 years. We specialize in small, personalized lessons rather than a rigid curriculum taught in large classrooms. Actually, quite a few English teachers end up taking lessons at IPE Academy because it doesn't feel like a typical, boring classroom— it’s conversational and creative. If you like to learn at your own pace, you can get private lessons for the same price as what a lot of other schools charge for group lessons. For hardcore students who want to burn through the textbooks and pass those JLPT’s, you’ll love our small groups and private lessons. We’re located pretty close to downtown, a few minutes from Imaike station. Talk to us and we’ll set you up with exactly the lessons you need.
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IPE Academy Special Events


Sumi-E lessons

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IPE Academy’s popular Sumi-E lessons are back again in November 2018. The instructor will be the very talented Tatsuo Shibata. Saturday, November 3rd, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm and Saturday, November 24th, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. ¥3000 per lesson including materials. We hope to see you there. Contact us for more info.


IPE Academy Christmas Party 2017

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What a party!

IPE staff and students got together in December and had a big Xmas blast! Music, dancing, a surprise celebrity guest and outstanding food provided by Miyagdi India/Nepal restaurant. Photos taken by the talented Sugi-san.


A real sumi-e fan!

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Ferney visited from Columbia and tried Sumi E for the very first time. Shibata sensei made a fan (uchiwa) out of Ferney’s artwork. It’s one-of-a-kind and a wonderful souvenir for home. We all hope to see you again.



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